Don’t whisper too much by Frieda Ekotto

0F4C7550-6466-4071-ADAA-1C73986A8DBFBook set in Mokolo, Cameroon. Reviewed on 2020/05:

“That woman, that Siliki, represents love itself. In giving love and tenderness, she showed Ada the essential… She taught her to see herself as a woman, a woman who loves herself and is capable of loving another woman.” Wow! Here we definitely have another potential #bestbookofthemonth . Has anyone heard of the #griotprojectbookseries from the #bucknelluniversitypress ? Because I have to thank them deeply and also read their other books. #dontwhispertoomuch by #friedaekotto is above all a #lovestory between two #women . And as beautifully simple as that statement can be, it gets highly complicated and frowned upon by the social forces anf constraints around Ada and Siliki. Personally, #ekotto employs two outstanding elements in this story: #silences and merging #voices . Sometimes silence can be complicit. But sometimes silence can also be the only tool we have to resist against the evil around us. Specially in the #mafa and #fulani traditions which are so communal and #oral , Ekotto wanted her silences to rebel against the expected to show her point of view. I said voices in plural because at times you won’t really know who is telling the story. Is it Ada, Siliki, an impersonal narrator, Frieda herself, another woman? There is no need to figure that out. The reader needs to let that voice just tell the story as the chaotic and merged multiplicity that the story requires. This isn’t only #highlyrecommended , it’s simply a #mustread . You have to read this book. Ekotto couldn’t find a publisher for her stories for a long time. So I’m keeping the second story in this book for my 2-months reading #censored books later on this year. #chuchotepastrop #corinetachtiris #lovhers #cameroonianliterature #mokolo #queercameroon #lgbtqcameroon

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