Dora, Doralina by Rachel de Queiroz

013165CD-0192-4694-935E-3A68F1C47CC5Book set in Fortaleza, Brazil. Reviewed on 2019/11:

And my #brazilianweek ends in #fortaleza#ceará with #racheldequeiroz . Reading all these books at short intervals is as rewarding as it is challenging. Because of the similar environments portrayed in some of these books, specially those set in the #sertão , the nuances in the writing style becomes the deciding factor when selecting my highly recommended ones. All this to say that #doradoralina is an endearing and complete story without a doubt. However, in my personal opinion, I believe it fails to captivate readers as powerfully as the previous ones. #queiroz seems more interested in describing landscapes, relationships and observations which when read together make the story move at a glacial speed. The state of #ceara , the cities of #fortaleza and #rio and their people are the epicenter of the story. If you take into consideration what #dequeiroz meant and has meant for #brazilianliterature , the book and her stories do take another equally important level. A great introduction or preface enumerating the representation and voices she aims to propel within #brazilian society might have made a difference in reading this book. #avonbooks #doradoralina#threebooks #senhora#RaqueldeQueirós #RaqueldeQueiros#queirós

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