Dragonfruit by Malia Mattoch McManus

9BBDADA2-CF4A-4A6D-94B9-A2EEA20DAFADBook set in Honolulu, United States. Reviewed on 2020/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDh1oUDAOVN/

There are two things I liked in #dragonfruit by #maliamattochmcmanus . I’m just not a 100% sure how nicely they both come together. The first one is the story itself. The twists and problems crashing down on #eliza might seem at first repetitive and predictable. However, #mattochmcmanus gave it just a couple of unexpected twists to keep the reader engaged. Overall it pulls you through the other side of this book and the second thing I liked: #hawaiianhistory . The author is clearly in her element here and wants the reader to immerse him/herself as well in the mid to end of 19th century #hawaii . I don’t know much about #hawaiian history. So I did have to stop and find some info/research online. I love when a book makes you do that. Fiction writers such as the author can bring to life history in a way that facts and dates just can’t. Why is it still important to remember what happened? Why is it important to tell all the stories and to be heard? Overall this book is definitely a #recommended and engaging read. #honolulu #readoceania #molokai #kalakaua #historicalfiction #hawaiiankingdom

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