Easter island by Jennifer Vanderbes

8109FE1F-D3F0-416B-9DD2-584518CFF74BBook set in Hanga Roa, Chile. Reviewed on 2019/03: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvHE3PsHVDJ/

I think #vanderbes and I have a very different eye when it comes to literature. I read this book completely and I sadly have to say that nothing of interest came out to me. Everything here is good enough to keep you reading but that’s it. It’s not bad but it’s certainly not good. Everything is average and in the middle. I think the #goodenough feeling is because you have probably read somewhere else a few of the twists or premises going on here. My biggest problem with this book is the lack of emotions. The characters with themselves, with each other, with their surroundings, with their memories and pasts, they seem to express no feelings whatsoever. #jennifervanderbes seems to have managed to write the literary equivalent of filling out your taxes. Even when there is a denouement or the threat of introspection or anything deeper coming up, she decides to ignore those moments and deprive her characters of becoming alive. I was happy to read about #easterisland though. It’s always a pleasure. However I wouldn’t bother with this book at all. #notrecommended #thedialpress#isladepascua #hangaroa #moai#historicalfiction #evolution #scientific#rapanui #debutnovel #botany#scientificresearch #archeology

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