Eden of the north by Signe Rink

IMG_2794Set in Nuuk, Greenland. Reviewed on 2018/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/BltC7hSlZoC/

It literally only takes one person to start a revolution. One person to stand up and take a stand. Regardless of how weak and powerless you think you are, your act of courage against all the insanity around you is all that matters. #signerinkknew that all too well. Although she was privileged enough to have been born in a #danishcolonial family, she was still discriminated against because she was a #woman and a dangerously educated and all-questioning human being. Her progressive and humanist ideas permeate in the stories. These are seemingly quaint vignettes about #dailylives in a harsh environment made inhospitable not by the #arctic temperatures but by the evil enterprise of #danish colonial oppression. Despite her secluded and programmed upbringing at the end of the 19th century, it’s obvious in her writing that #rinkallowed herself to learn from #greenlanderwisdom. The #glacial pace and the eerie quietness and isolation of the place be it in #nuuk or #qaanaaq are just facades or even self defense mechanisms. Everything is in motion and the ominous consequences will shift the nature the basis of it all forever. #edenofthenorth is a #poem dedicated to the gradual and perennial changes in our lives, to those that can take up a hundred years to pursue. #highlyrecommended#internationalpolarinstitutepress#koloniidyllerfragronland #grønland#greenland #adventuresinnewlands#danishcolonialism #danishliterature

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