Elegy for Kosovo by Ismail Kadare

IMG_4650Set in Kosovo. Reviewed on 2018/09: https://www.instagram.com/p/BoHilmmlc43/

Can #historicalfiction set the record right when it comes to defining and controversial #historical events which took place hundreds of years ago? I’d say if society seems stubborn enough to believe any demagogue available in every corner (milosevic, trump, etc) why not allowing also writers of the caliber of Monsiuer #ismailkadare to have something to say. I’m no expert of the historical events surrounding the #balkans and more specifically #kosovo in the Middle Ages. But I can tell you this: I wish #kadare had something to say about every single battle in world history. #elegyforkosovo is epic, larger than life and riveting in a little over a 100 pages. I have said this so many times before. What is the point of reading a massive book of hundred of pages when you can get a rich, exhilarating and historical story in such a tiny book? This is when you know what writers are made of. Besides his renowned excellence, #kadaréshould receive extra praise for taking liberty with the text and allowing the real story to breathe through his fictional additions. Always quite the pleasure to read Kadare! Note: if you hate Kosovo and don’t want to support anything #kosovar, it’s ok, it’s your opinion. However please do not message me to let me know AT ALL. Just pass it over, hide the post or block me. Being attentive of your political and nationalist opinion is NOT my full time job. Message received will be deleted and your account blocked. Thanks. #highlyrecommended#albanianliterature #trikengezieperkosoven#trikëngëziepërkosovën #ottoman #serbian#albanian #bosnian #reimagining#battleofkosovo #epic

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