Elisabeth Samson, forbidden bride by Carolyn Proctor

3FEC2B1D-CB83-42CF-9827-022B9AC878F2Book set in Paramaribo, Suriname. Reviewed on 2020/02: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8ulLrkgkmh/

Mixed emotions about #elisabethsamsonforbiddenbride by #Carolynproctor . The real #historical person named #elisabethsamson who lived in 18th century #dutchguiana is without a doubt a figure worthy of lots of ink and research. Suffice it to say that as a free black woman, owner of coffee plantations and slaves, fluent in both Dutch and #sranantongo , married to a Dutch white man, and with excellent connections to both #maroons and Sephardic Jewish plantation and slave-owners, she was clearly a person that knew how to masterfully play with people’s antagonism towards her, jealousy and power to obtain the place she wanted to occupy. She was a real time strategist. My role model clearly when you live in the jungle of nyc. I think it would be preposterous of me to pass any judgement on her persona. My criticism is towards #proctor and how she clearly struggled with keeping the #historical and the fictions components in line when writing a #historicalfiction . These are some of my observations: some of the historical facts are repeated ad nauseam; once the fiction takes over a character, it all seems disconnected from the plot; at moments some important historical information never seems to arrive until much later; among others. I’m still super glad I read this book. Finding books from or set in #suriname has always been a struggle. I also know that the one and only #surinamese writer extraordinaire #cynthiamcleod wrote a book about #samson called #thefreenegresselizabeth which seems to be out of print. If I find it, it’s definitely my next Suriname read this year. #recommended #paramaribo #amsterdam #surinamesehistory

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