Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by Pamela Scully

851023A0-77A4-496A-8C78-8506985CB833Book set in Monrovia, Liberia. Reviewed on 2019/10: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3XCFDegpou/

By now you know that I’m obsessed with these #ohioshortstoriesofafrica . It’s also important to notice that they are different from each other not only because of the writer but also more importantly because of the personality they are profiling. From those I’ve read so far, no doubt #ellenjohnsonsirleaf is at another level. Beyond revolutionary philosophies or big political statements, her life story seems to be led by pragmatism of what’s actually doable and feasible. Without a doubt, this is a philosophy which has attracted her many followers as well as critics when it comes to her policies and alliances. One thing I did find of interest in this book was how #pamelascully outlines the ways in which the descendants of #africanamericans and the #americoliberian elites have been at the epicenter of resentments and animosity throughout history in a country made up of more than 15 indigenous groups. As much as I appreciated the insights into current #liberian politics here, I still think this book is very much a story in the making. The legacy of #sirleaf for #liberians as well as for #africans and anyone really still needs some time to marinate and ferment to fruition. #recommended #liberianhistory #monrovia #ohiouniversitypress #nobelpeaceprize #technocrat #leymahgbowee #liberianpresident #biography #liberianliterature

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