Europa by Han Kang

0754D95F-796B-44B1-A983-397DDEFDA910Book set in Seoul, South Korea. Reviewed on 2020/06:

#bestbookofthemonthalert! I’ve been looking forward to #europa by the one and only #hankangsince last year when I had my #genderqueerlit project. Read it and it exceeded every single expectation. This book reminded me of the québécois movie #lawrenceanyways . It’s all about the dichotomy between being completely yourself and obsessed about what others think of you at the same time. Walking down the dangerous alleys of #seoul in fabulous high heels and holding the hand of the woman you love. How much do you oscillate between being seen and wanting to hide from others? And in that back and forth, how much seeing and judging you do onto others? The genius of #han goes to the heart of that contradiction. The narrator struggles with the same problems and contradictions he sees on others without realizing they are the same as his. He is one with that other he despises and loves. “You’ve always been special to me. You’re still as special to me now as you were six years ago. But it’s not that I love you. I want to be like you.” #highlyrecommended #strangerpress#yeoyu #koreanliterature #koreanlit #한강 #deborahsmith #contradictions#highheels #forbiddenlife

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