Eventide by Therese Bohman

IMG_3366Set in Stockholm, Sweden. Reviewed on 2018/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmMgubPFTSU/

I have to give #bohman a significant amount of credit for crafting such a realistic character. #karolina is a hot mess, unapologetic, ambitious, sexually unconstrained and ambiguous. The story is told from the perspective of her deep inner thoughts which provides a perfect ride for multiple twists and turn of events. The chaotic element of her inner dialogues reach absurd levels when confronted to her decisions and choices in real life. Karolina is a character in direct combat with your stereotypes, society’s preconceived ideas and even her own ideas on what it is to be successful, what it is to be a complete women, what it is to be a free person. I did find myself at times frustrated with the back and forth between her mind gymnastics and her real life choices. However I’d argue that #theresebohmanliterally placed that #frustration in the story and helped encourage it more and more throughout the book. Karolina is as #real as it gets and she has no intentions to apologize or help you understand her choices. However she’s also not self centered and is significantly aware of her shortcomings and failures. At the end, #eventide is a combative and challenging read in the idyllic setting of perfect and calm #stockholm #sweden . Through these pages, we get a glance on how much people’s facades and our own narratives can be so deceiving and misleading. #recommended #swedishliterature#otherpress #aftonland #arthistory#arthistorian #professor#universityofstockholm #linkoping#Linköping #career #phd

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