Fireflies in the mist by Qurratulain Hyder

IMG_7168.JPGSet in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reviewed on 2018/12:

#firefliesinthemist is a rich book composed of a few equally rich books: the #historicalfiction book, the #political book, the #magical book, the relationships book, etc. You don’t need to understand every single word or even follow the plot perfectly to realize that you are reading a #formative type of book. The problem is who or what is being formed here? The prose and writing style of #qurratulainhyder is intricate, allegorical, highly elaborate and at times simply impenetrable. #hyder made me think of the fragile and highly subjective relationship between writers and readers. In this book, Hyder is using every power she has to write her story which might resonate with people living in #bangladesh #india and/or #pakistan . Ultimately if it resonates with only a handful of people or with no one at all, Hyder does not care. This is her formative story and the way she has decided to narrate her world: one involving #dhaka #urdu #bengal and India all wrapped up in one. I’d love to hear what people in India and Bangladesh think of her and this book specifically. However my guess is that she is a world apart and to some extent impenetrable to most. Only if you are willing to let yourself be guided faithfully and unquestionably through the story, Hyder might allow you discover her world, the way she saw it, the way it formed her. #highlyrecommended #newdirections #urduliterature #indianliterature #bengali # #akhirishabkehamsafar #AakhireShabkayHamsafar

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