Flowers of mold by Ha Seong-Nan

604FBE6A-3021-4962-8EC7-227FAE4F00BCBook set in Seoul, South Korea. Reviewed on 2020/02:

It’s very hard for me to be neutral with #koreanlit . But I will try! #flowersofmold by #HaSeongnanis my first potential #top5 book for this month. Despite my self-professed love for #koreanliterature , I still have to say that I’m surprised that I liked this #anthology so much. Why is that? In my opinion, anthologies are a gamble and not cohesive at all. That’s not the case here. How Ha Seong-Nan manages to keep a clear, refreshing, interesting and concise thread among all these stories is an enigma you want to discover and read. These stories are #spinechilling , #nightmarish and even #macabre . However she writes with such a captivating and enthralling voice that you can’t but immerse yourself and read. You read despite realizing that what you are reading might feel uncomfortable and unsettling. That type of writing wonderfully mixing captivating style and compelling plot is an asset I have come to appreciate tremendously particularly in so many #korean writers I’ve read in the last few years. This one is no exception! #highlyrecommended#seoul #하성란 #openletterbooks#shortstories #옆집 여자 #collection#dailylives #horribleyetplausible

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