For today I am a boy by Kim Fu

9E661330-5D4A-42C7-9AF2-F8C1DAC249ECBook set in Fort Michel, Canada. Reviewed on 2019/06:

#fortodayiamaboyfelt more of a disappointment than anything else. Granted that after 2 months of reading #genderqueerlit I believe my mind is starting to feel fried and saturated. There are certainly some elements that I did appreciate here in here. #kimfu does aspire to go back and forth between not belonging in terms of #genderidentity but also in terms of #canadian and also #chineseidentities. Different levels of #belonging and non-belonging mashed up and also in contradiction with each other. My biggest disappointments here are both the depth and structure of the story. #fu ‘s writings feels rushed but also excessively passive and long at times. The moments I wanted her to pose and reflect, she rather superficially exposes them. Then those I wanted her to gloss over and move on, she decides to give it a few too many extra pages in my opinion. Let’s just say that we have incompatible literary tastes. I can’t completely discard the importance this book/story might have for someone in particular. I think stories have a way of also connecting to whatever resonates with you personally. That’s important and it should be cherished. Having said that, I would highly recommend people to read my yesterday’s book instead: Small Beauty which treats a similar topic but in my opinion in a deeper and more powerful way. #canlit#mytranscanadaweek #ontario#fortmichel #canadianliterature#chinesecanadian #transcanada#debutnovel #comingofage#HoughtonMifflinHarcourt #harcourt

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