For two thousand years by Mihail Sebastian

IMG_4613Set in Bucharest, Romania. Reviewed on 2018/09:

You are 50% who you think you are and 50% what other people think you are. 100% chance of no one getting it right not even yourself for thousands and thousands of years. So why even try? #mihailsebastian suggests: “Far from being painful to me, the thought of the impenetrable solitude our nature destines us to cheers me up. To honestly not know is a first step toward salvation.” But that’s #sebastian the thinker and philosopher so vividly portrayed in these pages. The one he thinks he is confronting Sebastian the #jew Sebastian the #romanianjew Sebastian the annoying all questioning man. #fortwothousandyears is the most visionary and ominous book I’ve read in a long time. The prose and storytelling techniques are simple and sophisticated. His words reach deep and aim for the soul almost effortlessly. There is no time for exaggerated allegories and over the top metaphors. Sebastian knows exactly what he wants to write, what he wants to talk about because HE HAS SEEN IT. He is writing from his irrefutable role as a witness. This is not a fiction book. It’s his DEPOSITION. He went to the other side, saw what happened and came back to tell his story, to write his story, to let us know. The unequivocal truth from where he writes is so manifest and lucid that you can’t help but to marvel at the fact that this was written in the 1930s. Bound to upset both #romanian antisemites and right wing Israelis, Sebastian has written what I think is the most eloquent testament of what it is to live your own truth despite it all and regardless of those who claim to represent you as relevant today as ever. As you can imagine I can only but #highlyrecommendthis book and it’s obviously a strong contender for my #bestbookofthemonth . Dare I say #bestbookoftheyear ? #myromanianweekend #bucarest#romanianjewish #romanianliterature#otherpress #antisemitism#dedouamiideani #paris #bucuresti#dedouămiideani #bucharest

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