Forbidden colors by Yukio Mishima

IMG_6291Set in Tokyo, Japan. Reviewed on 2017/10:

A priori this could turn into another #homosexual story told numerous times before. It’s extremely important to tell #comingout stories and also placing them in their time and geo cultural environments. I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s story. But this is certainly a topic which has been explored before and to outstanding levels. But here #mishimagifts us with a #visionary tale of #masterpiece dimensions. Two main points were particularly important to me. First this is a story about #secrets and #lies primarily and how we fool ourselves thinking we are indeed fooling everyone else until we realize it was never that way to begin with. By then we have been victims of other people’s abuses #manipulations and desires all along. The main line here is obviously men hiding their #sexualorientation But we all know how tales of exploitation and mental abuse can flourish from any lie we allow ourselves to grow within us for whatever reasons. Secondly Mishima is simply a genius when it comes to beatify the narrative. The story feels like a beautiful cherry blossom forest full of evil intentions seemingly hiding in the surface. This has to be one of the best books I’ve read this year. #highlyrecommended #forbiddencolors#yukiomishima #tokyo #japaneseliterature#三島 #sexuality #東京都 #gaytokyo#kinjiki #禁色

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