Fragments of memory by Hanna Mina

9B7818DF-953E-4B3C-8D8F-0FF229828679Book set in Al-Issawiyah, Syria. Reviewed on 2019/08:

Fragmented narratives made of fragmenting memories. It’s the best I can do to describe what’s going on in #hannamina ‘s masterpiece #fragmentsofmemory . From the little I’ve read on #syrianliterature I believe this book seems to be the best example of that kaleidoscope of incomplete, unending and awesome state of #syrian #storytelling . #minacertainly wants the readers to feel as lost and propelled as everyone else in the story. The characters have only their own unreliable and fragmentary stories to hold on to and create a necessary tale of survival. Hanna Mina also touches upon a #syria plagued with racism and obsessed with socio-economic classes. No matter the dictator du jour, those with a lighter color of skin and a wealthy background seem to have always benefited on the backs of their own Syrian compatriots. No doubt Mina had a political agenda and a social message which he successfully conveyed here in describing a reality which it’s as relevant today as it was in all the previous chapters of Syria. #syrianliterature#universityoftexasataustin#alissawiyah #latakia #اللاذقية#highlyrecommended#autobiographical #socialrealism#iskenderun #‎حنا_مينة #frenchmandateofsyria#centerformiddleeasternstudies

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