Frangipani house by Beryl Gilroy

Book set in Skeldon, Guyana. Reviewed on 2020/09:

The #frangipanihouse by #berylgilroy is highly allegorical, intricate and complicated. A lot of the elements you’d expect in a story are simply not there. #gilroy decides to give the reader as little detailed information as possible. Instead she focuses on the raw emotions and desperations of the women living in the #frangipani house. Personally, I vacillated back and forth from following #mamaking ‘s predicament closely and having no clue what the heck was going on. To some extent, it has echoes of #bessiehead . I think the major difference between the two authors is that Gilroy, unlike Head, still aims to provide some traditional storyline here, not just raw emotions. In my humble opinion that back and forth between a highly emotional story and the weak presentation of characters is the weakest link and doesn’t help the reader when situating the plot. I’d love to hear from people from #guyana or knowledgeable about #guyanese culture. I’m sure there is an entire aspect of the book which I completely missed. #guyaneseliterature #georgetown #skeldon #caribbeanwritersseries #heinemann #glcblackliterature #rawemotions #leftbehind #isolation #nursinghome

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