Funny boy by Shyam Selvadurai

64BBBF89-37DA-4E45-99CE-276C7FC18565Book set in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Reviewed on 2019/05:

This book is about one thing and that is #srilanka . I have no idea why #WilliamMorrow or #harpercollins would decide to market this book solely as a #comingofagestory of a #gayboy . The first chapter and to some extent the last one do talk primarily about #arjie and his love for dancing and women’s clothes and how that all came crushing down once his parents and adults found out. But that’s it. The vast majority of #funnyboy concentrates on #lovestories which have been shattered and ruined because of the fratricide and vicious cycle of violence between #tamil and #sinhalese in Sri Lanka. #shyamselvadurai does a great job at highlighting the human impact of hate towards any community or group of people and how that same hate comes sometimes from a place of pain and anger. We just let anger burn everything down. Beyond the news headlines, #selvadurai is trying to make us see the human stories behind the rapid turn of events between being perceived as countrymen one day and then suddenly as enemies. The spiral of violence and mistrust and political corruption that continues to this day in Sri Lanka and with no end in sight. #recommended #colombo#sinhaleseliterature #tamilliterature#jaffna #forbiddenlove#TamilSinhaleseconflict

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