Future tense by Nitasha Kaul

6376EBFC-B8CD-450F-A7AE-A86C72F6B397Book set in Srinagar, Kashmir. Reviewed on 2020/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCEH2mAAyKV/

I devoured this book. I found #futuretense by #nitashakaulin my search for any #kashmiriliterature translated or originally written in the languages I speak or any writers with stories set in #kashmir . #kaul reminded me of Palestinian writer, #saharkhalifehwhom I read also earlier this month. The situations they are trying to describe are plagued with war, occupation, trauma and suffering. However, they decide to turn the reader’s expectation and everyone’s attention inwards, towards #selfreflection , very similar to what #imrekertesz masterfully does in #fateless . By going inwards, they manage to disappoint everyone’s agendas and instead hope for a more human healing process. Fayaz, Shireen, Saima and Rehan can’t escape the insanity of the war. However, Kaul forces them and us to concentrate on the things they can change and that we have power over: the relationships between each other. How we treat each other under the most dramatic and dehumanizing of circumstances is very central to this story. How much we allow ourselves to be drowned and overwhelmed by the complexity and chaotic aspects of the situation without paying attention to the things we actually have the power to change. A very difficult balancing act here in Future Tense. #highlyrecommended#harpercollins #harpercollinsindia#srinagar #leh #jammu #kargil #delhi

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