Galápagos by Kurt Vonnegut

E27DB11E-C0D5-446D-9064-29C62BEE809ABook set in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Reviewed on 2019/03:

I’m not going to lie I was indeed disappointed that my book called #galápagos does not really take place in the #galapagosislands . A friend of mine aka my therapist told me well if you had read #vonnegut before, you wouldn’t have been so surprised. The characters here are trapped in a hotel in #guayaquil but a Guayaquil plagued as much as the rest of the world in the story by the #endoftimes. Natural and man made #catastrophes abound and the world seems at the point of collapsing. Their only solution? Escaping to the #galapagos . I’m not a diehard fan of #scifi but you can only admire and rejoice at #kurtvonnegut ‘a wonderful and skillful grasp at allowing the reader through the story to #timetravel and a healthy dosis of #evolution and #science . The plot is engaging and questioning, well-crafted to keep you turning pages. However my only criticism is that there are a lot of parts of this #sciencefiction #whatif world that are left unanswered or just mentioned briefly which makes it feel forced somehow. Regardless it’s definitely an incredibly interesting and captivating tale and made me discover a writer I’ve always been intrigued by. #recommended #charlesdarwin#delacortepress #americanliterature#evolutionary #delacorte

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