Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

IMG_6372Set in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Reviewed on 2017/08:

Despite the problem I have with marketing this book as the #saudi version of #sexandthecity I’m glad I read it and will recommend it to everyone. Let’s talk about reality here: #riyadh is not Manhattan. The women in this story live in a highly #conservative #ultrareligious and #misogynistic society. Thanks to their #friendship and in this case new technology: #internet they have managed to find a new outlet in which to express their sorrows, pain and disappointments as well as their hopes, joy and dreams. #alsanea keeps it as direct and engaging as possible when it comes to her writing style. So it definitely feels like a serial story in a magazine. My main criticism here is the choice of characters and what they represent. I wish each #girl in the story represented a “different type” of girl in the city. Despite the different paths they take and events happening to them, they all 4 seem to come from the same ethnic and socioeconomic background. I would have loved to read #rajaaalsanea using her storytelling skills to make that happen: a Shiite girl, a lesbian girl, a girl from a more provincial or poor background, an immigrant woman. However this is without a doubt an enjoyable read into a world which represents today’s reality to thousands of women in #saudiarabia#recommended #saudiliterature #female#الصانع #banatalriyadh #الرياض_بنات#saudiwomen #girlsofriyadh #censored#الرياض

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