Go tell it to the mountain by James Baldwin

1EEF34C1-677C-4A14-899D-8500426419E2Book set in Harlem, New York City, United States. Reviewed on 2019/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5tsu1-ALQo/

The atheist in me is here to say that #gotellittothemountain is my kind of #religiousexperience . Very similar to #zoranealehurston , #baldwin is aiming at the familiar, the casual, the daily elements or consequences of racism, of dehumanizing people, of constant abuse. Personally the echoes between Hurston writing in the 1930s and Baldwin in the 1950s and also today’s percolations of the same issues can leave you depressed for years and paralyzed forever. How can you possibly heal and remain sane in a system designed to, expecting and thriving on your failures, torture and death? There is a scene here about the #suicide of his biological father to leave anyone speechless for a while. Baldwin’s prose is simply enveloping and revelatory at the same time. He slowly and poetically builds and builds until the unexpected earthquake happens. But unexpected to whom? To all of us complicit and at the same time oblivious to the #black experience in this country. Baldwin left me with too many questions and hooked on a #religious high. A glance at a reckoning? #highlyrecommended #harlem #semiautobiographical #everymanslibrary #edwidgedanticat #itneverends #africanamericanliterature #preacher #reckoning #blackliterature #notknowing #theverybest

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