Green hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway

IMG_1031Set in Babati, Tanzania. Reviewed on 2018/05:

#hemingway and his love for #hunting and his disdain for #americanliterature I concur with him to some level. The 5 or so pages he spends exposing his opinion on why there are no great writers hailing from the #usa is in my opinion the only interesting part of this book. Writers in the US need to worship and comply to an academic/publishing/business/masses/promotion machine which takes the creativity and diversity out of anything. Visionary Hemingway wrote these words in the 30s and I’d argue that nothing has changed since then. The rest of this book is about #safari and hunting. Personally I’m against any hunting activities anywhere in the world. I will never partake in any of them and quite frankly I believe it should be banned completely. But having said that, Hemingway’s writing is so immersive and riveting and hypnotic that you can’t help but to read the entire thing. It’s the old story of judging the writer for his/her writing skills or for her/his reprehensible points of view or morally flawed opinions. I think I mentioned this before when reading Durrell and Hamsun. Information should be free and accessible to everyone so we can all make our own informed choices. I understand if Hemingway’s love for #killinganimals make people feel uncomfortable and despise this book. It’s your choice not to read it. I can’t censor it though. First and foremost because I’m a librarian and I believe very strongly in people’s right to know and read anything despite the fact that I myself might find that content also despicable and odious. I’d rather aim for letting people know everything: Hemingway’s superbly accomplished writing skills while describing an activity which deprives other living beings from their right to live. I hope this makes sense. #greenhillsofafrica#ernesthemingway #scribner #babati#arusha #nairobi #kilimanjaro#killinganimals #tanzania #kenya#nonfiction #safaris #travelwriting#eastafrica

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