Happiness by Aminatta Forna

D945C351-3620-4FF4-ACC8-AE2C7A3AF471Book set in London, United Kingdom. Reviewed on 2020/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAjFsOSgbuO/

I so wanted to like #happiness by #aminattaforna but my mind was just not there. The beginning in this book is incredibly slow, meandering and too unconnected. When I finally grasped more or less the gist of the story, I felt completely uninterested and exhausted. I have read this story of #random and #coincidental connections somewhere else and with a more convincing prose. Perhaps the only thing I did enjoy here was the allegories with animals and nature. However, it just did not come together for me. The entire story felt weak and pointless. I can’t tell exactly what was the problem for me here. However, in my experience, books with those indiana jones/papyrus-like pages are never a good sign. I always think it’s a lame attempt by publishers trying to entice readers into their books which they already know aren’t worthy on their own, without gimmicks. #nextplease #london #groveatlantic#atlanticmonthlypress#chanceencounter #forna#maybenexttime #lovestory#whatishappiness#happinessdoesnotinvolvethisbook#atlanticmonthly #strangers

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