Harmattan by Gavin Weston

27AE3F14-6A8E-48A7-A59E-A9F5B2359AB9Book set in Gotheye, Niger. Reviewed on 2019/09: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2hxOuogUt4/

I grew up in a household in Puerto Rico full of women and full of stories. As in any other Caribbean island, a lot of our stories had to do with hurricanes and the #desert dust from the #sahara . We didn’t call it #harmattan . However I was always completely mesmerized with the idea that some #strongwindsin the largest desert somewhere very far away in Africa could blow so hard and so powerfully to create a massive hurricane and hit our little island. That feeling of wonder and making sudden discoveries as you attempt to grow up plagues #harmattan by #gavinweston. I think #weston ‘s #comingofagestory is definitely special because it doesn’t shy away from both our inevitable idealizing of #childhoodepisodes and our awakening to destructive realities. Despite the remoteness of both the story and #niger , it’s certainly easy to identify with #haoua and walk with her through her dreams and ordeals. My only criticism here is that I wished Weston had written just a couple hundred of pages instead of more 500. Overall it’s a worthy voyage into everyone’s memories of both a past childhood and a brutal reckoning with a violent world. #recommended#niger #saharalit #loss#nohappyending #againstallodds#growingup #niamey #lharmattan

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