Heaven on earth by Fadi Zaghmout

4DA993A2-1822-44C0-A45D-ED8D8EFC1735Book set in Amman, Jordan. Reviewed on 2019/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1OpEa1gk5q/

If you like #thehandmaidstale and #blackmirror , you should also read #heavenonearthby #fadizaghmout . I felt #zaghmoutwas dealing with three levels on this story: the individual, society at large and the philosophical. I think #scififans will rejoice and find in this story elements which seem all too familiar to them. Personally I’m not a #sciencefiction fan. So I wholeheartedly appreciated Zaghmout’s steadfast and masterful skill at providing all types of readers with a little bit to fall in love with. It’s refreshing to see a writer deal with such a complex and vast topic and weave a story that touches upon different levels. What does it mean to know that we are all going to die at some point, including your loved ones? If we had a chance, would you prefer not to die? What if society decides to impose what’s best for all of us? How do we arrive to our own conclusions? And are these conclusions the last word even if they affect those we love and closest to us? A lot of questions in this great story and one conclusion: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Perhaps Zaghmout will gift us with a second part and a continuation to the saga of the #abdallah family further into the “future”. #recommended#amman # jordanianliterature #signal8press #signaleightpress #عَمّان#جنّة_عل_الأرض # #2090 #jordan#secondchance #eternalyouth

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