High tide by Inga Abele

D08632E1-CF46-4BB3-8EF0-9A77B202E79EBook set in Daugavpils, Latvia. Reviewed on 2020/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAodtfNgLr_/

Last week of #may2020 and I’m featuring only stories set in Eastern and Central Europe. #hightide by #ingaabele set in #latvia is every bit ambitious and quite the slow pace to follow. After 300 pages, you get sort of an eureka moment when all the pieces of the puzzle somewhat set in and you can finally see the landscape #abeletogether with #ieva wanted to portray all along. If you decide to embark on this book, you have to know right away that it’s quite the hard work here. Abele does not make it easier for the reader to grasp any of the characters or the numerous moments in which the story bounces back and forth. You do know that generally it’s told in reverse chronology but the relentless dark and gloomy aspects of the text will confuse you even more. My guess is that Abele intended to provide to her fellow compatriots a more nuanced interpretation of the country’s upheavals and torturous history in the 20th century. Despite my disconnection with the story, I did enjoy the intricate prose and of course I will always read anything published by #openletter . #latvianliterature#paisums #KaijaStraumanis#openletterpress #ingaĀbele #Ābele#latvian #latvianhistory #Daugavpils#bleak #openletterbooks

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