Him me Muhammad Ali by Randa Jarrar

60FD1115-3A85-4E76-94CF-8D31862F490DBook set in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Reviewed on 2020/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBF7mHBgXKd/

Some stories in this book take place in #kuwaitcity or #cairoor #palestine and others in #london , #newyorkcity or #seattle . Beyond this seemingly geographical dislocation, #himmemuhammadali by #randajarraris a collection of stories that expose the inevitable connections among us. Inevitable is the key word here. We can choose to ignore them. But the connections are there and continue to bring us closer and closer together no matter what, similar to a Big Bang theory scenario. So then we will have to choose what the final explosion will bring to the surface: anger, fear or compassion, action or all of the above. #jarrar skillfully exposes these dilemmas in her #shortstories not in a pedagogical way, but as the master storyteller that she is. What is the connection between #islamophobia in the UK or US and the discrimination against #palestinians in the super rich #gulfcountries? What is the connection between #egyptianwomen fighting for their rights and the brutality of the Israeli occupation? What is the connection between funny and action? Perhaps Jarrar can offer some insight to these questions. #highlyrecommended#sarabandebooks #thelunaticseclipse#accidentalteansients #asmahan

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