Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono

IMG_0895Set in Mfoua, Cameroon. Reviewed on 2018/04:

I think #betrayal is probably the word that came to my mind the most when I was reading this book. Toundi #ondoua grows up in rural southern #cameroon admiring #French culture and #Catholic missionaries. He also wholeheartedly believes that his future will be secured and stable once he learns their ways. However he quickly realizes that learning their ways does not guarantee him anything at all. Regardless of his master of French and catholic devotion, he’s #blackand he’s #african He is never going to be considered an equal or even human and subsequently his dreams are shattered. He feels #betrayed by those sporadic kind French people he has learned from and also he feels he has betrayed those in the communities he comes from. He’s betrayed and has betrayed others himself. It’s important to note that #oyono much like his contemporary #achebe writes 1) a compelling yet tiny book and 2) for a recently or soon to be independent audience. When you take into consideration Cameroon’s colonial past and it’s current malaise you realize how much of both an evil and good #omen this book is. For that I’m going to let you read and discover yourself the prophecies in his exercise books. #highlyrecommend#uneviedeboy #cameroun #houseboy#frenchcolonialism #yaounde#ferdinandoyono #wavelandpress#spanishguinea

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