How to escape from a leper colony by Tiphanie Yanique

Book set in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Reviewed on 2020/11:

And now for the #highlyrecommended books. I absolutely adored #howtoescapefromalepercolony by #tiphanieyanique . Despite my usual reticence towards #anthologies , this one is definitely at another level. #yanique is a masterful storyteller and that mastery oozes every step of the way, every page, every #shortstory . Funny, nightmarish, human and down to earth, all together in one. Yanique works on immersing the reader into the story and the characters themselves and that happens through the words she uses to paint the scenes and how she lets her characters express themselves freely. I know this sounds super appealing to most of us, but I know it can also unsettle some people. Yanique remains unequivocally truthful to her own storytelling. The receptive readers would be rewarded with a fantastic and highly enjoyable selection of stories. Yanique does not strive to put the reader in the driver’s seat. The characters and their confusing, contradictory, larger than life and chaotic realities in their own words are 100% controlling the stories here. In a very #caribbean way, there are a lot of compelling and repelling forces at hand and you just want to sit back and enjoy the show. It’s not about you and/or your reality. It’s about someone else’s, which deep down and ultimately it’s also intrinsically linked to yours. #usvirginislands #caribbeanlit #caribbeanliterature #trinidad #debut #graywolfpress #collectionofstories

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