Human parts by Orly Castel-Bloom

92266A9E-825F-4A08-9A9D-048F3F7F4AD6Book set in Tel Aviv, Israel. Reviewed on 2020/06:

I think #Israeli#womenwriters do not get as much international media attention as their male counterparts. However, they have all written unique and piercing books: #doritrabinyan , #zeruyashalev and the forever remembered in my world, #ronitmatalon . Looking forward to learning of others which I haven’t read yet. To this list, I must add #orlycastelbloom which I read before with her haunting and spectacular #dollycity . Here with #humanparts , #castelbloom talks about #pandemics . A timely topic, right? However the #telaviv that OCB describes is a place plagued by multiple pandemics exploding at the same time: a #pandemic of apathy, a pandemic of denial, a pandemic of willful ignorance, a pandemic of fear, a pandemic of anger as well as a health pandemic. One engenders the next one at an exponentially bigger rate until the cycle is impossible to stop. Or is it? At the center, we have Iris, Liat, Kati and Tasaro with the beginning of an answer. The #microscopic writing of OCB is simply perfect to allow us to see the connections before the inevitable happens and then we delude ourselves into thinking that it came from nowhere. Even deeper than daily and seemingly mundane interactions, OCB goes for the granular and atomic in our self-contained and fragile bubbles. #highlyrecommended#verbamundibook #verbamundi#israeliliterature #dalyabilu#אורליקסטלבלום #חלקים_אנושיים#אורלי_קסטל_בלום #תלאביב

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