Hurricane Child by Kacen Callender

996955F5-E02F-4E5E-8C36-8BEF6A56ADE0Book set in Water Island, US Virgin Islands. Reviewed on 2019/11:

What an amazing story! #hurricanechild has it all: #comingoage , #identity issues, #family issues and a heavy dose of #caribbean mythology. Personally I think #kacencallender pours himself so much into the book, and that the story reads like an open wound, an open wound that needs to heal, an open wound that needs to tell its story. Quite frankly, I couldn’t put it down. Like a #hurricane itself, the story washes over you, blows you away, and leaves you stranded in the land of no-return. I think we can all see ourselves in #caroline because we are perpetually looking for answers in all the wrong places. Instead of ever learning, we’d rather prefer to keep making the same mistakes or even invent ghosts and magical beings and worlds to help us see what we want to see. But #callender is saying here: what if that is all necessary at the end? What if making millions of mistakes and inventing imaginary worlds are all an integral part of our paths? I can’t emphasize enough the power reading has to allow us to heal, learn and make us feel heard, seen and understood. This book is the perfect example of that. #highlyrecommended #scholastic#usvi #unitedstatesvirginislands#usvirginislands #waterisland#stthomas #charlotteamalie #kalinda#bullying #thanksgivingreading

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