I am my own wife by Charlotte von Wahlsdorf

850CFBBB-0E12-4428-BC51-5F239075FCC6Book set in Berlin, Germany. Reviewed on 2019/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxkhFzYAYvn/

You can argue that #germany was in a lot of respects the laboratory of the 20th century. And #charlottevonmahlsdorf lived through every single one of these cycles of destruction, repression and more destruction. I know at the end of her life, #mahlsdorf said a few cringe-worthy remarks. However you can’t deny the resounding importance of this book as a written #testimony of not only her particular life but of the entire country and even #europe as a whole. #iammyownwife is written in a very simple, direct and succinct prose. Mahlsdorf does reminisce here and there about her own reflections. Although that is not the main point here. This #memoir does put the reader in her shoes, in her heels through the different moments in time when she’s perceived as a man or a woman or as both depending on the demagogue du jour. I have seen raving reviews about the #play show but I have not seen it myself. I wonder if anyone has read the book and seen the play as well? I’m not surprised it has been successful though. There is no doubt that the person writing this #autobiography had a larger than life experience(s) and the fearless personality to survive ot all to tell the story on her own words. #recommended #germanliterature#genderqueerlit #berlin #eastgermany#surviving #queergermany#oneactorplay #iconic #livingmemory#queerhistory #cleispress

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