I am the brother of xx by Fleur Jaeggy

IMG_4108Set in Graubunden, Switzerland. Reviewed on 2018/09: https://www.instagram.com/p/BnbmjrjFcj8/

Certainly a lot can be said about #solitude in literature, specially when confronting your #loneliness has been a central feature for a significant amount of writers. By all accounts #jaeggy needs to be considered an excellent precursor in that genre of literary solitude. However there is still something intrinsically different which I personally had not read somewhere else. I can’t help but to think about #switzerlandand even more emphatically the lonely and dare I say melancholic #swisssoul while reading her book. It’s a drastically different #melancholy because most Swiss people are conditioned by their own society not to express anything at all or just to do it in a very constrained and limited fashion. I will definitely talk more about this quintessential Swiss illness tomorrow with #fritzzorn . In the case of #iamthebrotherofxx the text and #poetry in its pages have allowed #fleurjaeggy to find a place in which to liberate her soul with all its contradictions, ugliness and deepness. That’s literally what you get in this book. It’s a #minimalistic and piercing voyage into her mind and soul. Without a doubt, this book is one of the best I’ve read so far this month and a strong contender for my #top5 . #highlyrecommended #grisons#swissliterature #newdirections#sonoilfratellodixx #psyche #alps

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