I didn’t talk by Beatriz Bracher

CB15C0A6-4307-4FC3-BBC7-274DA0E4B63BBook set in Sao Carlos, Brazil.

Reread on 2020/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCkHEUDAfl2/

You can have a #pandemic as a health crisis on one side. And on the other, you can have a pandemic as an accumulation of all of our idiotic, stupid and selfish decisions every time you choose not to see, not to feel, not to talk. In #ididnttalk , #beatrizbracher brings to clarity all the ghosts in the #brazilian closet of denial and apathy. Well, at least she tries. The characters in this sparse and introspective novel seem to be waiting in limbo as a fertile prelude to Bolso The Clown. Two possibilities seem clear: either you love the next demagogue or you retire into your bubble of tranquility and apathy. If you didn’t talk when the #militarydictationship arrested your sister/neighbor/etc, tortured and later murdered and effectively erased them from the country’s memory probably thanks to your own complicity, why would the world expect anything from you once the next pandemic hits? If you “survive” a dictatorship that thrived on disappearing, torturing, murdering a still-disputed number of people, why would the world ask any sympathy of you for the tens of thousands of people dead and counting during a pandemic in the same country? These pandemics come and go and in their paths they expose what we don’t want to see: how much we thrive on failing each other. It never ends. #highlyrecommended#brazilianliterature #newdirections#sãocarlos #sãopaulo#rereadmarathon #reread #rereading#bracher #naofalei #nãofalei #betrayal


Reviewed on 2019/11: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4sCQ-nA9kf/

Is this my #bestbookofthemonth ? I personally think that this book has the perfect combination of both content and style. I’ve had the opportunity to read a few books about the #braziliandictatorship which lasted for full 20 years until the 1980s. Compared to others, #beatrizbracher tries something different in her book and that is: #streamofconsciousness . At some point, it’s barely possible to know who is the doing the talking and about what specifically. And isn’t that the best way to describe the human cost(s) of a #militaryregime obsessed with an international image based on disappearances and annihilation of the enemy within. Under collective paranoia and lack of any human rights, you have no way to know who is doing the talking. Is it you? Even those closest to you can become something else. #bracher described those feelings of lost and internal #alienation through an #experimental style of sentences pile up onto each other. Because when you are constraint and can’t fully express yourself, your sentences, your thoughts and your emotions just pile up. The reader can experience that while being immersed in this deep yet tiny book. #highlyrecommended #brazilianliterature #newdirections #saocarlos #saopaulo #naofalei #nãofalei #sãopaulo #sãocarlos #memoryalive #internalexile #betrayal

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