I have the right to destroy myself by Young-Ha Kim

Book set in Seoul, South Korea. Reviewed on 2020/10: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGZ3Rr2A6S0/

As I’ve said multiple times before, I’m a big fan of #koreanlit . I admire how #korean writers do not shy away from writing about the entire spectrum of human emotions and specially those which we tend to ignore or suppress: despair, anger, fear, destruction, even if it’s self-inflicted. In #ihavetherighttodestroymyself by #younghakim , the trend continues. The first half of the book seemed very #existentialist and constantly questioning our daily routines, especially in overcrowded and hyper connected cities such as #seoul . The second half turns into a more traditional story, which it’s still good in itself. However, it felt impossible for me not to compare the two parts and being more enthused with the first part. Be mindful and aware before reading this book and lots of other Korean stories. #kimyoungha has a penchant for the #macabre , #morbid , painful, uncomfortable parts of “wanting to die”, “suicide”. The details are indeed clear and in your face. However, I think the book and the stories of some of the characters speak LOUDER about connections, kindness and hope. #recommended #koreanliterature #harvestbooks #harcourtbooks #김영하 #서울시 #debutnovel #나는나를파괴할권리가있다 #southkorea

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