I remember Abbu by Humayun Azad

305A9169-F590-4D5F-82D1-097820375AE0Book set in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reviewed on 2019/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz5UzSaA3LI/

#irememberabbu is the turbulent history when #Bangladeshbecame independent seen from a #child‘s perspective. Personally I’ve never heard about #humayunazad before. He seems to have been quite the cultural, social and literary figure in #bengaliliterature . His powerful grasp and tender voice is unequivocal from the very first pages of this tiny book. If you know anything about the books I like is that I have a strong predilection for deceivingly tiny books. If a writer can paint a world, take you deep and captivate you in a hundred and so pages, I believe that’s close to literary genius. #azad approaches that level and he does it in an enticing and effortlessly way. This book is a story about a world. However the specific details, albeit important, do not prevent the reader from connecting and immersing him/herself. Quite the contrary! This story is crafted in such a way that we can all perceive what it means to have your world shaken and uprooted, to have to fight for survival, to preserve all through the eyes of a child wishing to remember his grandfather. Azad wrote several books which gave him a reputation of an incendiary and controversial #freethinker and even got him in trouble with fundamentalists and extremists in his country. I can’t wait to read more of his books. #highlyrecommended #dhaka #bangla#banglaacademyliteraryaward#warstories #childrenstories#independence #banned#antiestablishment #backlash #bengali

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