In the castle of my skin by George Lamming

425E4546-320E-4F04-862D-BAD2E30508EEBook set in Carrington, Barbados. Reviewed on 2020/02:

“From my window I looked at the uniform wreckage of a village at night in water. My mother said it was a shame, as was everything that displeased her. What precisely was shame? Was it the weather or the village or the human condition in which and in spite of which the poor had sworn their loyalty to life? But so she said: and having said that, she would suspend her judgement and in an attitude of prayer remind me of blessings that may have missed my memory.” A little quote to show you the effortless gravitas of this book. #inthecastleofmyskin by #georgelamming is full of perfectly crafted descriptions combining his love for the island and the people of #barbados and #streamofconsciousness . Taken as a whole, this book is definitely a classic #comingofage story for both the boy from #carrington and #littlebritain . Beyond or from that level, #lamming manages to propel the story either inwards or outwards depending on the description and what he’s trying to say. This book is quite the literary achievement since it was first published in the 1950s when Lamming was only 23. This is now a big contender for my #top5#highlyrecommended #revolution #emigration #barbadianliterature #carringtonvillage #schockenbooks #caribbeanlit #caribbeanliterature #derekwalcott

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