Inside the head of Bruno Schulz by Maxim Biller

IMG_4505Set in Drohobych, Ukraine. Reviewed on 2018/09:–/

If you love #philiproth#davidgrossman #cynthiaozick#gombrowicz #danilokiš #kafka or #bohumilhrabal at some point you’re going to arrive at the one and only #brunoschulz . Amazing #pushkinpress has managed to give you here in this tiny book: 2 #shortstories by #schulz and one by #maximbiller . Biller’s story gives this book its title. So what is it like #insidetheheadofbrunoschulz ? What is it like to be inside the head of any writer for that matter? It’s a delicious and #kaleidoscopic mess and I think #billerquite lucidly portrays that feeling. This is almost like an Alice in Wonderland feeling of merriment and discovery: you have no idea what’s going to happen, but you can’t help but to be tempted. Once you stumble into his world, you’re basically enraptured and transported into a world of allegories and absurdities. More than searching into the intricacies of his mind, I think a starting point to understand Schulz is by looking into the outside world that marked him so much. His native #drohobycz was and continued throughout the 20th century to be a witness to so many successive states one more virulently antisemitic than its previous one until the tragic demise of his life. A writer to discover if you haven’t done so already. If you do know of his work, maybe Biller with the help of #thomasmannmight make you to dig yourself even deeper into a schulzian world. #highlyrecommended #polishliterature#imkopfvonbrunoschulz #jewishliterature

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