Irretrievable by Theodor Fontane

IMG_6170Set in Glucksberg, Germany. Reviewed on 2017/07:

As much as possible, I try to have Wikipedia and google maps next to me when reading a #historicalfiction novel. Here in the case of #irretrievable I had to even do some historical research if I wanted to grasp the action. Apparently #fontane was a #historian himself and even wrote books about the #schleswigholsteinwars. That clearly transpires here. The plot takes place in a small town called #glücksburg in today’s #Germany but at the time it was a #holstein city administered by the #danish crown but also a member of the #germanbund And if that doesn’t confuse you, the time is situated between the two Schleswig-Holstein wars. Suffice it to say that #historynerds would love it. There’s no better way to understand a particular time period than a well crafted and sophisticated historical fiction book. Fontane even goes to painstaking efforts to depict some of the characters as the “stereotypes” of a particular group: carefree #danes and #swedes vs. puritan #prussians Also this particular nyrb edition does a great job at including bibliographic and historical notes. Believe me you’re going to need them! Once you master that, it’s a timeless story indeed. #theodorfontane#unwiederbringlich #germanliterature#schleswig #copenhagen #flensburg

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