Jerusalem Beach by Iddo Gefen

One of my favorite stories set in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel. Reviewed on 2021/10:

I’m happy #jerusalembeach by #iddogefen is getting so much attention. I’m a big fan of #israeliliterature . Link in bio gives you a list of all the books set in #israel that I’ve read over the past few years. Having said that, I should also note that I wasn’t much on board with these #shortstories . I only really enjoyed the first two: #thegeriatricplatoon and #exit which are also the longest, #novella style. My opinion is that most of these stories lack a punchline, that a-ha moment that gives purpose to the plot. I wish #gefen had either worked more in the stories’ twists and their connections or actually made the stories longer. The similitudes in some of the stories make me believe that there was a space to combine them more into larger stories. Otherwise as they stand, they felt more like #scifi scripts for a tv series. #astrahouse #daniellazamir #mitzperamon #חוף_הים_של_ירושלים #ספרותישראלית #ספרות_ישראלית

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