Jimmy the terrorist by Omair Ahmad

AC409A1D-CF77-4BD2-98E2-B93608A2932ABook set in Kanpur, India. Reviewed on 2019/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0OgsCWA_vJ/

I personally think that #omairahmad has written a perfectly crafted story which forces the reader to pause and reflect. How do people, particularly individuals arrive to the point of desperation, to the point of #nooptions left, to the point of complete despair, frustration and being impotent? #ahmad forces us to go beyond the headlines and instead experience the events in people’s lives which slowly but surely confronts them with every day racism, discrimination, no opportunities, no way out. This is not apology or a simple read on anything. You have to let yourself guide through #jimmy or #jamaal ‘s story to understand how “small” events can have such a profound impact on people’s lives. How to see beyond the usual: “no one saw it coming” or “well, they are all the same” or “no surprises here”? I think a lot of readers will be blown away at how much we can relate to in the #jimmytheterrorist story and how much we all ultimately contribute to people’s own desperation. #recommended #uttarpradesh#indianmuslim #manasianliteraryprize#lucknow #penguinbooks #ahmad#indianliterature #riots#MOAZZAMABAD #marginalized#indianmuslims#indianmuslimliterature

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