Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead

23E95331-60CE-4D6C-A901-BDCC2277B0F0Book set in Peguis, Canada. Reviewed on 2019/06:

This is one of the rare cases in which I believe the hype on #bookstagram is actually worth it. Without a doubt #jonnyappleseeddeals with communities and experiences which unfortunately we would prefer to ignore: too complicated, too non-Western, too traumatic, etc. In my opinion, what #joshuawhitehead does best is allowing the characters to pick up the pieces of their lives and make sense of whatever puzzle comes up, hits back at them, fires back at you. Jonny Appleseed is free and broken at the same time and I think that’s the best I can say to summarize this wild and unpredictable ride. As a reader, this is a text that demands your trust and blind following. Appleseed is the lead driver in this ride and your role is to sit back and ride along. Having said that, this is not your pleasant Sunday afternoon read. Instead this book strives to shake up, to challenge and to fight with your expectations and comfortable viewpoints. I’m not surprised #whitehead thanked #QwoLiDriskill and other #GLBTQ2writers. Having read #sovereigneroticsa few days back, Appleseed feels like the perfect heir in the need for more and more #twospirit literature. #recommended #genderqueerlit#Indigiqueer #OjiCree #Peguis#firstnation #winnipeg #canlit#canadianliterature #arsenalpulppress#lambdaawards #mytranscanadaweek

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