Journey to Karabakh by Aka Morchiladze

IMG_5356Set in Nagorno-Karabakh. Reviewed on 2018/10:

It’s the #caucasus so we obviously have to talk about one war after another. With such a title, #journeytokarabakh does not even pretend to entice into anything else. However once you begin reading the great #morchiladzeyou can’t help but to think that it’s indeed about war but also about getting used to one and even enjoying it. Can you even find you own personal #liberty waging a war? It seems impossible in a region apparently so marked and defined by its own groups. However #akamorchiladzeshows you how porous and blended everything is beyond the façades of belonging to one group or another. #nationalisms go to die in the face of our own personal freedoms and dare I say contentment. There is a feeling of raunchy and careless #roadtrip permeating throughout the entire book. More figuratively, it feels like the road trip to fight for your own place among all the forces around you telling you not to. This is book is another great example of outstanding #georgianliterature . It’s just a matter of time before the #georgian writers take over the world. It’s bound to happen. I will write more about it tomorrow with another book. #highlyrecommended#nagornokarabakh #contested #tbilisi#armenian #azeri #russian#dalkeyarchivepress#მოგზაურობა_ყარაბახში #აკამორჩილაძე#თბილისი #ղարաբաղ #qarabağ

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