K by Bernardo Kucinski

IMG_1452Set in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Reviewed on 2018/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjyS_6al7Cy/

#k is the story of an old #jewish man in #saopaulo who one day wakes up to the reality of his daughter gone #missing without any trace. Simple enough, right? It is indeed. You don’t need to catch any allusions here to #kafka or #josefk . You don’t need to know anything about the insidious and overarching effects of 20 years of Brazilian #militarydictatorship . You don’t need to know that Brazilians authorities have repeatedly refused (and continue to this day) to shed any light on the atrocities, #tortured and disappeared people. You don’t need to know that the American government openly and explicitly supported these atrocities in its global strategy against communism. More than the geopolitical specifics, #bernardokucinski is reaching out to the soul of the story and by doing it so, he makes us whole and human all over again. It’s not pretty what we get to see inside there: it’s painful, disturbing and depressing but every bit necessary as every single page in this truthful book. In the amazing triad of my favorite #brazilianjewish writers, I see it this way: #scliar goes for a ride with centaurs, #lispector smokes a cigarette with her solitude and #kucinski goes to jail for human rights. They are all 3 ever-questioning, subversive, heretic, restless and never satisfied specially with those who claim to represent them. Their examples and writings are an absolute source of inspiration, a vivid testament and powerful weapons of mass destruction against our populist and simplistic addictions to the first demagogue that comes along. This book is simply a #masterpiece and an obvious contender for my best book of the month. #highlyrecommended#brazilianliterature #semanabrasileira#sãopaulo #brazilianjews

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