Kalyana by Raini Mala Khelawan

IMG_8818Book set in Suva, Fiji. Reviewed on 2019/02: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuPLKrsn4NU/

I loved this book and I don’t know exactly why. I’ll venture to say that the story here in more ways than others reads as a #memoir for the writer. In my humble experience, when writers hide their #autobiographical stories in fiction books, it either goes splendidly well or atrociously bad. #kalayna is a magical and captivating story which will move you from the very first pages. There is a strong sense of deep wisdom here which #khelawanmixes with elements of #Hinduism and specific to the #indofijian community. However the core message here should resonate with all of us. Do our silences concede or instead do our #silences help us resist? The different ways of healing and resisting both individually and from generation to generation. Kalyana is a #bookish woman obsessed with #wordsand their different meanings and power: admitted, movements, revolution . So I’m definitely #recommending this book to everyone especially if you’re interested in characters reconciling her individual struggles with her role within a community or how #resistance can take so many forms and ways. #recommended #suva#fijianliterature #vancouver #immigrant#rajnimalakhelawan #secondstorypress#readoceania #feministrevolution

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