Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

C606052A-F536-40DE-A765-458E21CF8EEABook set in Tokyo, Japan. Reviewed on 2019/05:

The next time someone tells you that they just bought a “quirky little” #japanese book, just take the book and slap them across the face a few times. Hehehe I don’t blame them completely though. I think #bookcoversare usually misleading but even more so when it comes to #japaneseliterature . Case in point: #kitchen by #bananayoshimoto . My first #yoshimotobook and believe me it won’t be my last. At its core, this book is about loss, grief, and tragedy specially sudden tragedy which we are so blissfully incapable of dealing with. Yoshimoto coronates the story with what I think it’s the best we can do in these circumstances: the #kindnessofstrangers . Unknown unknown people come into your lives when you least expect it and at the most traumatic episodes. Those same people may sometimes be the key to healing and transformation. Needless to say, I loved this book and it reminded me of her compatriot Murata and her Convenience Store Woman. We need to let books speak to us regardless of what we first expect them to be. That’s especially true when it comes to Japanese books and their “quirky” covers. They are Troy horses! #highlyrecommended #tokyo#genderqueerlit #grovepress #キッチン#吉本ばなな #moonlightshadow #ムーンライトシャドウ #東京 #healing#deathandlife

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