Klotsvog by Margarita Khemlin

Book set in Oster, Ukraine. Reviewed on 2022/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfLGPT-LG_7/

Things have a way of just breaking and unraveling almost like a law of physics. That’s exactly what happens to Maya Abramovna #klotsvog in this book. #khemlin describes compellingly how the more you seek to control something, someone, a group, anything, the less you actually manage to control something at all. In this book, #margaritakhemlin points at that in multiple ways: Maya herself, her lovers, her family, but also society at large, #soviet control, #stalin , #antisemitism . Among these topics, thread is how that sadistic hunger for power for the sake of more power is both relentless and empty. Even when you think you have achieved some power or control, it evaporates quickly because it rests on a false sense of safety. The insecure’s never ending chase for power is a one way ticket to nowhere and assured destruction. We have the stories to prove it. And yet, we seem to be condemned to repeat the same mistakes for the sake of insecure men and at the expense of so many precious lives. #highlyrecommended #ostyor #chernigov #columbiauniversitypress #readukraine #ukrainethroughbooks #kiev #kyiv #jewishliterature #МаргаритаХемлин #клоцвог

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