La femme de Gilles by Madeleine Bourdouxhe

IMG_3663Set in Liège, Belgium. Reviewed on 2018/08:

3 things I want to say about this powerful tiny book. First, it’s the fact that it came to me recommended, as many others by a #bookstagrammer here: @eagardner . Another great example of how much I love this community and how much I’ve learned about new books and writers. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Second I need to mention the outstanding books part of the #neversinklibrary . If I could possibly buy the entire catalog, I’d do it in a heartbeat. These stories should never sink indeed. That’s important to emphasize here. Because right after #wwii this book and the work of #madeleinebourdouxhedid sink. Despite the welcoming and auspicious reaction right after its publication and her close relationship with #beauvoir and #sartre , her stories were relegated to obscurity. How? should be the question we need to ask ourselves. In my personal experience, I have not been able to stop thinking about #lafemmedegilleswhich brings me to my third point. This book is about a #catastrophe one that is hidden and inconspicuous but also powerful and unrelenting. This book is the written manifesto of those #undercurrentswhich seemingly traverse our feelings without revealing their true force until one day. There is obviously an element of #socialcritique on the subjugation of #women going on here. We can’t ignore or belittle that. But dare I say that #bourdouxhe is aiming at the core of it all. She’s aiming at that precise threat of a #tragedy we all just chose to ignore and how we ultimately become the guardians of our own prisons. Quite the revelation and discovery for me! I can’t #recommendthis book enough. #highlyrecommended#liège #liege #belgianliterature#theneversinklibrary #women

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