Lady with a spear by Eugenie Clark

IMG_8082Book set in Koror, Palau. Reviewed on 2019/02:

What an adventure this book was! There is without a doubt a significant amount of information here about #fish about #ichthyology and #marinebiology . However please do not let that deter you from giving a chance to #ladywithaspear . Her achievements, courage and ambitions are simply inspirational to us all. I guess the surprising effect for me was her own slow but meaningful transformation while you read this #memoir . In 1950s, it was not easy for a woman to be fully successful in academia in this country (is it nowadays?). And although #eugenieclark does talk about expectations, stereotypes and barriers she encountered, she does not seem to reflect on them or even give them the importance they deserve. That “overlook” changes with the passing of years and with the passing of pages. By the end of the book and in her last #fieldtrip featured here in #egypt , #clark seems more perceptive to the humans around her and how they perceive her. I think the most telling and interesting chapters here are when she finally gets to go to #marshallislands and #palau . There she learns how all the #fauna which she has dedicated her life to is much more than just an academic endeavor. It’s a way of life. It’s living tradition. It’s about people’s cultures. She learns how to tap into her #japanesebackground to speak to #palauans also fluent in Japanese because of 30 years of #japaneseoccupation . She learns how to be aware of her privilege as a white woman from a colonial power to speak up and call out injustices. So we have a story to read, together with the context it came out of. A woman for all of us to remember and a transformation to learn from. #recommended #sharks #readoceania#marinebiologist #scubadiving #micronesia#carolineislands

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